Example : Deciding on a Model

On the last page we defined our problem and collected our training data. Let's now decide on a model. We're limited to classification algorithms, and ideally we'd have something fast and simple for a tutorial. A nice contender for that is a decision tree like we mentioned before.

A decision tree is a flow chart that you can follow to classify something. Take the following example. This tree decides whether someone should get a loan (very similar to our problem). To use the tree, you answer the questions until you hit the end.

Source: https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/600/1*EFCePNEkqoGmxm5qR-nqrA.gif

Let's now train our decision tree. We'll have to figure out what questions to ask and what possible answers there are to the questions. Sklearn will do this for us.

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